Operational management

Faire face ensemble aux menaces criminelles et aux situations de crise

Gallice fully contributes its expertise in the constant breakdown and application of a safety policy, both upstream and as backup in confirmed situations.

  • Experts are brought in to assist the customer with an occasional requirement or a complex safety problem,
  • Implementation or reinforcement of a crisis unit,
  • Operational support with crisis logistics. Appointment of "Safety Managers and Officers" to support the setup of facilities in high-risk zones,
  • Appointment of Safety Officers (SSO/CSOs) on board ships exposed to piracy at sea or terrorism.
  • Facility management in high-risk zones, difficult environments or for special events
  • Organisation of travel or trips (zones where there is conflict or patent lack of safety),
  • Personal protection,
  • Pulling people out of dangerous situations (NGOs, expatriates, journalists, etc.).

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