Awareness, information and training on the facts of hostile situations

Gallice offers companies and institutions a range of training courses and seminars covering its entire safety expertise.

Our programmes reflect our aim to develop and provide customised, high added-value training tailored perfectly to the requirements of our customers (setup of facilities in a conflict zone, terrorist threats, aggressive competition, information protection, efforts to combat fraud, etc.)

Our training takes place onsite (in companies in France or abroad), on our premises or on a dedicated site when called for by the situation.

Our training courses vary in length. Ranging from awareness development presentations for senior management lasting 2 hours to 3-day courses, depending on the modules chosen.

Our modules can all be split into half-day sessions to fit in with your professional constraints.

The only one lasting 3 days is the "Personal Safety in High-Risk Zones" course with situation scenarios.

OPCA (French state training fund collection agency) financing is possible for all our training courses.
A few examples of programmes currently In operation:

Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific advice or the development of customised content.

1/  Criminal crisis management
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Develop the awareness of or train executives in public and private sectors in terms of criminal and terrorist crisis management issues. The aim of our various modules (ranging from a total of 2 hrs to 3 days) is to reinforce the understanding and analysis of crisis situations. They enable the efficiency of strategic and operational responses to be optimised.


Senior management in the public or private sector.

  • Study of criminal and terrorist crises
  • Crisis management principles
  • Organisation and operation of the State response
  • Organisation of the crisis room
  • Kidnapping and blackmail situations
  • Crisis communication
  • Psychological aspects
  • Role plays and exercises
Length of the training course:

The modules can be taken individually.

The total timeframe for this training is three days, which can be split up into 2-hour presentations or half-day seminars.

This theoretical programme can be followed by the 3-day "Personal Safety in High-Risk Zones" situation scenario course.


After studying and analysing the customer's requirements, we draft a tailor-made proposal fixing the objectives and conditions for provision of the training.

The schedule and conditions are decided in common, according to your production constraints. Do not hesitate to contact us.

All our training is based on concrete cases.


Our trainers are all players recognised for their experience and legitimacy in their sector and for their competence.

2 / Personal safety in high-risk zones.
To develop the awareness of, train and prepare people who may be going to challenging regions of the world or ones where a lack of safety is rife (war, guerrilla warfare, kidnapping, riots, etc.)
This training provides the necessary insight into appropriate perception of the risks in order to avoid fatal errors and raise the level of safety of individuals.

NGOs, journalists, expatriates, business travellers.

  • Types of threat and analysis of the risks
  • The danger of weapons, IEDs, mines and their effects
  • The psychological dimension and mental preparation in light of these situations
  • The dangers of unstable or war zones
  • How to behave in a dangerous situation
  • Kidnapping and taking of hostages
Length of the training course:

This course lasts for 3 days and 2 nights. It cannot be split up and 2 half-day theory sessions (or 3 presentations) must be taken first.


Teaching methods are based on sharing the experience of trainers and on the notion of inter-culturalism (behaviour and social/cultural context).

This training can be customised for the employees of a company or implemented on an inter-company level, that is to say with participants from various structures. In all cases, Gallice Group's ethical rules of confidentiality apply to every single participant.


Our trainers are specialists in high-risk zones, corporate risk management and crisis management. They are supported by various experts according to the training module (psychologist, mine clearance expert, fire-fighter, etc.)